Emergency bag for my trachie 

This is what we keep in Eddies emergency bag.

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Contents: (from top left)

  1. Emergency plans (CPR and mucus plug etc)
  2. Extra batteries for flashlight
  3. 3 flashlights (one headlamp and two extras)
  4. Bag of HME:s (he uses a lot)
  5. 2 split gauze
  6. Bag of 10 cotton swabs and 10 nonvowen swabs
  7. Ambu rescue pump
  8. 2 trach ties 
  9. Medical tape
  10. Resuscitator for trach and mask (blue)
  11. List of contents
  12. 2 small syringes and 2 saline bullets
  13. Xylocain gel
  14. 2 Spare trachs 
  15. Tool for removing HME
  16. Nose speculum
  17. Scissors large
  18. Forceps
  19. Scissors small

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