About us

img_7130Our son Eddie was born on March 17 with respiratory obstruction. He had to be taken directly from birth to the intensive care unit to be intubated.

During the first three weeks of his life he was on a ventilator, then he got a hole in his neck, a tracheostomy, to breathe through.

He was later diagnosed with vocal cord palsy, partially paralyzed vocal cords. We still do not know what caused his problem.

After 94 days at NUS in Umeå and at Biva and Liva in Astrid Lindgrens childrens hospital in Stockholm got to go home part-time. After 138 days in the hospital, we were discharged on August 2, 2016.

Our family consists of a mom and dad, Moa and Jens, and Eddies brothers Rocky and Charlie. We live in northern Sweden.