Emergency bag for my trachie 

This is what we keep in Eddies emergency bag.

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Contents: (from top left)

  1. Emergency plans (CPR and mucus plug etc)
  2. Extra batteries for flashlight
  3. 3 flashlights (one headlamp and two extras)
  4. Bag of HME:s (he uses a lot)
  5. 2 split gauze
  6. Bag of 10 cotton swabs and 10 nonvowen swabs
  7. Ambu rescue pump
  8. 2 trach ties 
  9. Medical tape
  10. Resuscitator for trach and mask (blue)
  11. List of contents
  12. 2 small syringes and 2 saline bullets
  13. Xylocain gel
  14. 2 Spare trachs 
  15. Tool for removing HME
  16. Nose speculum
  17. Scissors large
  18. Forceps
  19. Scissors small

Organising the trach room

I uploaded a video a few days ago showing you all what our trachie’s room looks like. I’ve since had a few requests to do one in English as well. So here goes, no video, but pictures of it all.

Cosy corner This is were Eddie spends his nights with his nurse right next to him.

We keep all important information, like how to deal with a plug or instructions for CPR on the shelf right next to the bed:

You can adjust the height of the bed to make sure the nurse get a good view of him without her having to get up:

Pulsox, gloves, hand sanitizer and in the back, an empty bottle of hand sanitizer that we filled with water and suction through to clean out the tube:

Medical equipment The trach room is ensuite. That comes in really handy if the nurse needs to use the bathroom or for diaper changes.

In a cupboard in the bathroom we keep a lot of medical stuff. Like tape for the pulsox…

…aeroneb go for inhalations…

…and medication.

Changing the trach tie On the opposite side of the room we keep everything we need for changing the trach tie. We do it once a day and it’s a bit of a procedure to make sure the neck and stoma are clean, healthy and dry. We put all the stuff we need on the table to the left and keep the baby on the bed to the right (he’s never left alone there for obvious reasons…)

In the top drawer of the table we keep trach ties, nonvowen swabs, ear swabs, scissors, forceps, split gauze sponges, ointment, saline bullets etc. We make our own trach ties from tubular bandage and adult trach collars.

In the bottom drawer we keep desinfection, napkins, cloths etc

We borrowed the bed for trach tie-changes from the hospital and put a couple of extra matrasses in it to get the right height. The ”pillow” is used to make sure we get the right angle when changing the trach tie and we use the cloth to wrap around Eddie to keep him calm.

Equipment We keep a HUGE closet for all the consumables. Top shelf from left: HME:s (a.k.a Swedish nose 😂), extra equipment for trach tie changes and boxes of suction catheters. 

Second shelf, from left: more suction catheters (taken apart, ready to use), suction tubes and spare canisters for the ambu rescue suction pump. saline bullets, syringes, garbage bags and other consumables.

Third shelf: our nurses get one box each for spare clothes or whatever they choose to put there.

Bottom shelf, from left: soap and hand sanitizer, gloves. Instruction booklets, bags and packaging, spare nebuliser and inhalation equipment.

The white board We use it to keep track of Eddies routines and to make sure no information is lost when we take over from the nurses – or the other way around.

Transportation We have two prams that we load all the equipment on to make sure the baby and the necessities are always in the same place. We use one indoors and one outdoors. The blue one below is a tiny pram with swivel wheels perfect for indoor use. It’s the same height as our couch which comes in handy when you need to keep an eye on your sleeping baby while watching tv. In the basket to the left we keep the Medea suction pump and on the right side we keep gloves and hand sanitizer.

Our outdoor pram is big and heavy and when we’re out we keep the medela suction pump in its bag hanging from the pram. 

The emergency bag is kept on the pram currently used. (Click for inventory of emergency bag) We keep the suction catheters in a bottle warmer, hand sanitizer in the front pocket of the pram and a home made holder for gloves sawn to the right side (here’s how to make it – Swedish)

The office Our nurses have a corner of their own. There they keep a computer and a work phone, magazines and a phone list. We get them tea, coffee and fruit.